“Innovative accessories” are what the team at Spurcycle have been busy creating since their Kickstarter in April of 2012. Brothers Nick and Clint grew up in the cycling world, working at their family owned bike shop. As cyclists, they became familiar with the industry and products on the market and wanted to develop items that they’d prefer to use.

They had noticed a gap between products used for competitive cycling versus those used in general commuting. Products for competitive use were highly technical but not as visually appealing, while general commuting products looked nice but didn’t always function well.

Their multi-colored, multi-piece grips are their most recognizable item, and the one they kicked Spurcycle off with. Based upon their own experience, they knew that people would often cut their grips to make them shorter. After time, the material of traditional grips would begin to wear down and become perpetually dirty.

The prototype for the product broke a standard grip into individual grips (the first step was to simply cut apart one of the grips they had been using for years). This idea then evolved into molded grips, and eventually a slightly wider style in a rainbow variety of colors. After nearly a year, this version shows none of the wear they used to see in the traditional products—they look as good as new!

As for places to actually go for a ride and put Spurcycle accessories to good use, Nick gave us a few of his favorite Bay Area spots:

For an incredible panoramic view, especially in Spring: “Hawk Hill is amazing as a road ride at sunrise this time of year. That’s just over the Golden Gate Bridge and up the climb.”

For the weekends: “A Sunday ride out to the beach through Golden Gate Park is nice given part of the ride is closed to cars every Sunday. It’s even better if it includes a stop at Trouble for ‘Toast!’ and a Yoko.”

For a good work out and amazing sunset: “I often look forward to a few intervals up, over, and around (and around) Twin Peaks. With sunset over the Pacific in one direction and warm light reflecting in HD across downtown, views don’t get much more inspiring.”

Nick is wearing the Spencer in Midnight Blue, Clint is wearing the Thatcher in Matte Black and Adam is wearing the Jasper in Whiskey Tortoise.

Photos by Nick Fay

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