TO MEET · 10/03/2013

Sara Ridky

How does Sara Ridky describe her design aesthetic? “Clean and simplistic, with a mild explosion of happiness and magicalness.”

“With the things I put out into the world, I make it a point that they all evoke a feeling of happiness and enjoyment, like how you used to feel about pretty much everything when you were a kid,” Sara explained to us.

When it comes to keeping things simple, Sara tries to eliminate anything in a design that she doesn’t necessarily need—that mentality holds true for her daily life too. After a brief stint working for agencies, Sara opted for freelancing. “My idea of an amazing company are the ones that come from the heart, have so much quality and uniqueness to give and are typically very very small,” she said.

Above all, she loves her own personal projects—things that she makes for no reason at all, other than to just brighten up her day (and desk). The perfect example are here “What Lana Loves” cards. Living in a building full of older folks, she managed to meet her young neighbor across the hall. Dance parties with him and his friends to Lana are now a regular occurrence. At some point, they starting chatting about the things that Lana likes—diamonds, America, pale moonlight, Friday nights—which Sara then turned into pastel-colored note cards.

Sara is wearing the Preston in Whiskey Tortoise

Photos by Collin Hughes