As you’ve heard, we’ve been on a quest to #seesummerbetter all season long—so, when our friends from the Sailing Collective invited us to join their journey to Sardinia, we happily hopped aboard (and brought a slew of sunglasses with us). 

Who is the Sailing Collective? In their words, they are “sailing vacation specialists”. In ours, they’re a group of super-fun, extra-chill explorers who plan week-long sailing trips worldwide. And not to worry—the captains are trained professionals (pressure’s off), and fantastic cooks to boot.

Our days went a little something like this: morning laps around the boat (often in place of a shower), lounging on deck with a book in-hand, a game or two of backgammon, and open ocean crossing. When docked, we zipped around La Maddalena on scooters, explored an abandoned fortress, and climbed stairs along the cliffs of Corsica. And of course, we ate well, both on-board and at local eateries found by our captain.

Frankly, our recap doesn’t do the trip justice—just take a look below (and follow along with both of us on Instagram for more this week!).

IMG_0898Jennings in Beach Glass

IMG_1199Ripley in Whiskey Tortoise




IMG_3598Downing in English Oak

taylorlauraBates in English Oak and Ripley in Whiskey Tortoise

vivchelsBates in English Oak and Jennings in Striped Beach




IMG_5728Downing in Walnut Tortoise



Photos by Stefan Wigand for the Sailing Collective



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