A couple of weeks ago, we opened two new New York City stores, and we’re still feeling all the we-heart-New-York feelings. One’s on Columbus Avenue (just down the street from Lincoln Center) and the other is at Rockefeller Center (right by…everything!).

Inside our Rockefeller Center store, look up and you’ll find a sweeping reproduction of Stuart Davis’s 1954 mural “Study for Allée, No. 2.” It’s a nod to his work that’s been inside of Radio City Music Hall, right across the street, for decades.

Columbus Ave. is decorated with entrancing original artwork too. It’s a part-bird’s-eye, part-below-ground panorama of the Upper West Side by New York-based artist JooHee Yoon.

Small vignettes from the mural—of people reading in Central Park, lazing about on fire escapes, speeding across subway platforms—are available as postcards and free for the taking. (Davis’s artwork at Rockefeller Center has also been postcard-ified, so grab one of those if you stop in.)

We’re commemorating both new stores with a style of New York City-exclusive sunglasses that you can find at our now-eight locations around town and nowhere else. The frame is Downing in Jet Black, and just for NYC, we’ve outfitted it with gleaming Flash Mirrored Pacific Blue lenses. Pop into any Warby Parker in New York to take a look.

See you around town! (Maybe wearing that special edition of Downing?)

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