If you need a unique screen print to hang on your bedroom wall, We Are 1976 is the place to go. If you’re in the market for a new notebook, stationary set or greeting card suited for any occasion, you’ll have no shortage of options to choose from. For the writing itself, they have an endless supply of pens and pencils—they’re charmingly designed but also highly functional, for those of you who are as picky about your pens as we are.

Even if you’re not really looking for anything, chances are you’ll leave We Are 1976 with a few new trinkets that you never knew you needed but are really excited to take home. For example, we left with cards for holidays and birthdays that had yet to come, a ring with cat ears, a tin pencil case, mug for our morning tea and a wish list a mile long.

Just as a warning, you’ll probably spend at least an hour there—the shelves are filled with rows of tiny items and you won’t want to quickly pass anything up.

There are now two We Are 1976 locations in Dallas, one on Henderson Avenue that’s been around for about three years, and one in the Bishop Arts District that’s just three months old.

The shop was founded by a trio, Vynsie, Jully and Derek, all born in 1976 (actually, 1977 in Derek’s case, but they let him get in on the deal too). The shop was something that they had talked about for nearly ten years before opening. During that time, they traveled to Japan and California, gathering inspiration for what would come to be a retail store equipped to host art shows and mini-workshops.

“Screen prints, salt shakers and journals don’t have to be generic,” Derek told us. “We look for things that are design-inspired and original.”

In their new location, they have enough space to host classes every couple of weeks. Already on the schedule for the next few months: Valentine’s Day card letterpress, personalized stationary and coaster letterpress.

Eventually, they hope to introduce their own line, including prints and jewelry. At the moment, they occasionally introduce prints of their own, including this set for Star Wars fanatics, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Photos by Collin Hughes


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