TO DO · 03/31/2014

Pneumatic Tubes (!)

Scenario: Our new store on Lexington Avenue features a basement where we store glasses.

Problem: How do we get the glasses upstairs to customers?

Solution: Pneumatic tubes, obviously.

Originally introduced to New York City in 1897, pneumatic tubes gained popularity as a way to zip smallish packages from one place to another. At one point, a third of all city mail was delivered by pneumatic tubes!

Pneumatic Tubes A Revised

Operating a tube is easy: you take an item and put it inside a canister, then put the canister in an airtight tube. The canister is propelled either by suction or compressed air toward its final destination, at the end of the tube. Easy.

Time may have passed by pneumatic tubes, but we haven’t. A set of tubes has been installed at our Lexington Store to transport glasses and monocles at blazing speed (24 feet per second!) to customers. Stop by and check out the magic for yourself.

For our next store, we’ll be implementing carrier pigeons.

Kidding. (Maybe.)

See ’em in action right over here.

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