We asked the photographer—she shot our Beacon Collection; pretty, don’t you think?—about teenagers, overalls, and getting the boot from Instagram:

I wake up to my boyfriend’s annoying alarm clock that is on permanent snooze mode in the morning.

I take my coffee black.

My feminist icon is Malala Yousafzai.

My favorite thing about wearing overalls is feeling like a farmer.

The number of times I’ve been kicked off Instagram is once and it made me feel like [EXPLETIVE].

Tumblr is the website I visit most, other than the usual stuff like email.

I never leave home without my phone and a charger.

I love making art.

I looooooove riding in cars listening to music.

Photographing teens forever is my dream.

Right now, I’m listening to If It’s Lovin’ That You Want by Rihanna.

I go to sleep with thoughts of food dancing in my head.

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Photo by Zara Mirkin

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