With all of the prepping and planning that’s gone on over the last few weeks, we’ve created quite a few lists—daily to do lists, lists within calendars, updated lists throughout the day (Monday Part 1, Part 2, and so on). As the pile continues to grow, one list has remained stuck at the bottom of the stack, and we’re just starting to tackle it now (or attempting to, at least). Up until this point, it hasn’t even been a list—the only thing written is the header, “Packing List.”

We’ve been dreading even the thought of filling it out—how does one pack months worth of clothing into a single suitcase, especially during the winter, and especially as a girl who has almost as many pairs of eyeglasses as she does shoes and jeans? Taylor, our social media coordinator on the tour, embarks to complete the seemingly impossible task. First order of business: actually fill it out.

It’s always best to start with the basics: the essential equipment to document the trip, a Warby Parker Class Trip sweatshirt (available to purchase on the bus!), a pair of city-friendly sneakers, a couple of classic button-down shirts, and a pair of the Chandler frames. Packing is going to be a slow process, but so far, so good!