After working at Warby Parker for a while, we’ve each acquired at least a few different pairs of frames. Most of us put together our outfit first, then select our glasses accordingly. Yet, after a visit from Armstrong & Wilson at the Class Trip Bus, we may be changing our approach—why not coordinate your glasses with another unique accessory, and build your outfit from there?

Thanks to the pocket squares designed by Armstrong & Wilson, it’ll be easy for us to do. The tagline on their site reads, “Reinventing Tradition,” which echoes our approach to developing new frame styles—our aesthetic is classic with a contemporary twist.  When Ontario Armstrong arrived at the bus in Philadelphia, and pulled out a wooden box with custom carving of the company’s name, we were sold.

We were easily able to find a pair of frames from our Holiday Collection to pair with each pocket square; the Crane in Mallard Green brought out the green highlights in the plaid pattern, and the Downing in Walnut Tortoise fit with a simple solid square. Ontario’s visit was perfectly timed to overlap with Sabir’s—the two already knew each other from the Philadelphia fashion community, and share a similar aesthetic. Ontario’s outfit didn’t include quite as many accessories as Sabir’s, but he did confirm that he’s never without a pocket square (you can really make them work in any situation) and his Sinclair frames.

Photos by Collin Hughes.

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