Construction, like honking cars and aggressive squirrels, is very much a part of New York City life.

When we set out to renovate our temporary Annex into our Washington Street store, we put our best face forward. Overbearing scaffolding and taped-up newspaper wouldn’t do the trick, no way. Enter Jason Polan.


Our Design Director Stephanie in front of the store

One of our favorite artists, Jason’s worked with us quite a few times before—more on that later—and he sketched a little something for 819 Washington Street’s windows to alert our neighbors and passersby know that we’d be coming soon. (He’s also attempting to draw every person in New York.) Note some of our favorite city respites: the American Museum of Natural History, the Standard, and the High Line, just right across the street.


Since we’ve opened our doors, the blue illustrations are gone, but keep your eyes peeled as we continue to expand in a neighborhood near you.  We have a good feeling Jason will be back.

More information on visiting our Washington St. store

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