Or maybe New Year, Do You is better?

Either way, it’s January 6—and there’s still time to make a New Year’s resolution if you like. (Or break your existing one.)

Enter these beauties.

Remember those postcards your dentist’s office would have us address to ourselves when we were younger? You’d write out your name and address, and the office would mail it back to you later in the year to remind you to book your next check-up.

In that spirit, but with zero novocaine and less cavity stress, we had the talented Julia Rothman (follow her on Instagram) illustrate a postcard featuring hyper-determined (resolute, if you will) fellow on a self-improvement bender.

Come by our stores and fill out your New Year’s resolution, then hand the postcard back to a retail employee. We’ll hold onto them tight and send it back to you later in the year—postage is on us. It’ll be a nice little treat in the mail.

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