Stop by our Greene St. and Washington St. locations in New York City and you may notice some smiling, frosty faces welcoming you into the store.

Snowmen sign

Designed by New York City artist, Meryl Smith, every full-sized Frosty is packed with personality, including one dapper gent sporting a monocle. And they’re tall— some reach almost seven feet high.

Snowman window

Each snowman is smartly dressed for the winter weather too. Take a closer look and you may spot some familiar flourishes, care of our Make-A-Snowman Kits, such as bright blue buttons, pipe cleaners, and even a few pieces of coal. (They look like coal, but they’re really erasers. Environmentally friendly!)

single snowman

Don’t forget to snap a few snowman selfies or better yet, if you’ve got a Make-a-Snowman Kit on hand, share your creation with us using #WarbySnowman.

Happy holidays!

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