The bus, the frames, the planning, and the hours spent on the road city—these pieces of our Class Trip puzzle can’t come together without the players acting behind the scenes: our team. For the six-month span, we’ll have five members from our New York-based office bringing their knowledge of all things Warby Parker to the road. If we’ll be visiting your city, you can swing by the bus to meet each of them in person! If not, we still want you to get to know the folks who will be running the show, and whose adventures we’ll be documenting here.

First up, we have the ever-enthusiastic Phineas. You can think of him as our ringleader; without him, the show won’t go on. But really, it won’t—he’s responsible for driving the bus. Not only that, but he’ll be busy organizing every last detail, from events to housing and merchandise. If you ever decide to go on a coffee run for him, his drink of choice is a large chai latte or iced coffee, with whole milk only.

Next is Taylor, our Editorial Coordinator, who will be Tweeting, Instagramming and Blogging from the road. She’ll be seeking out wifi-equipped coffee shops for catching up on work, early morning yoga classes, and the best sweet treats in each city. Suggestions are welcome!

Mary Beth is one of our three retail associates who will be providing her frame expertise on the bus. This self-described thrill-seeker is looking forward to meeting the die-hard Warby-wearers (and soon to be wearers) in other cities. She’ll also be on the hunt for a Philly Cheesesteak as soon as we pull up in Philadelphia.


Sam and Hannah will also be available to help customers find the perfect pair of frames during their bus visit! As a jewelry designer, Sam has a keen attention to detail, which will come in handy when selecting frames and keeping our bus in shipshape. Hannah, a native Hawaiian, will be avoiding doing any driving herself—she can’t even begin to consider navigating a Boston roundabout.  Another fun fact: the two are already roommates in the city!





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