Our team is fresh off of their first Class Trip road trip from San Francisco to Portland! We have a team of four awesome eyewear experts (all normally based in our New York headquarters) who will be running the show on the bus. Meet our team!

First up: Janet! This New York native was jamming to “Wheel of Fortune” by Ace of Base on this past drive, while snacking on Sea Salt Kettle Chips and a Diet Coke. “Road trips mean guilt free snacking for me. YORO.” she explained to us. Note: this team has now coined the acronym that stands for “you only road trip once.”

Lauren stocked up on snacks in San Francisco before hitting the road so is looking forward to sampling Portland’s many amazing food options. “Eating awesome food! Between all of the restaurants and food trucks here it should be a delicious few weeks,” she told us. She anticipates that the crowd in Portland will be super friendly and laid back.

So far, Janet has experienced that Lauren’s assumption has been true, “People have stopped to let us cross the street, they have cut veggie burgers in half for us to share and they have said hello unprompted in the street. Amazing!”

Also an East Coast native, Marielle is looking forward to exploring the great outdoors in Oregon, “Hiking, the beach, live shows, great food, and meeting awesome people are just some of the things I can’t wait to experience here.” On the drive up here she picked up a breakfast burrito, iced dirty chai latte and jalapeño flavored chips. “Gotta stay fueled for the road!” was her motto.

Jamie’s road trip song choice reminds us of those long drives we used to take with family: “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.” While in Portland, she’s looking forward to checking out all of the local microbreweries and growing restaurant scene.

As for local style, Jamie says, “I expect to see a lot of Nike swooshes around the city – I wonder how a pair of Nike Dunks would go with my Chandler frames?” With one of our favorite brands based nearby, we’ll have to see if she’s right!

On their off time, the team has been hanging out at the Jupiter Hotel and catching shows at Doug Fir Lounge.

Meet them all in person while the bus is here through June 9th!

Photos by Collin Hughes

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