Meet our team on the road in Minneapolis!

There’s one familiar face in this group—Lauren, who was on the road in Portland, is back again as Class Trip Coordinator. She’ll be traveling with the bus and overseeing the team on the road through the remainder of the trip! She’s been joined by Anna, Alexis and Ben for their stints in Minneapolis and Detroit.

We asked that they each recount a fond or traumatizing memory from other road trips. (Feel free to ask them more when you visit the bus!)

Anna: When studying abroad in Belgium, her family made a trip out to visit her, planning to take a drive down the coast of Ireland. “My family doesn’t exactly know how to pack light, and the only vehicle that could fit us and our suitcases was a mini-bus. Imagine tiny winding roads alongside cliffs that are barely large enough for one normal-sized vehicle, plus a bunch of loud (and terrified) Americans who don’t know how to drive on the left side of the road. There may have been tears involved.”

Lauren: “I’m not sure if this counts as a “road trip”, but I traveled 36 hours on a train in China once. It was very interesting, but stuck in a sleeper car with tons of people for that long was a little bit rough!” Thankfully, our drives are much shorter between cities, and beds are full-sized.

Ben: “We took a family road trip from St. Louis to Colorado. Driving across Kansas is absolutely the worst. However, my only savior was the sixth Harry Potter book. I read the entire book between the 14 hour car rides each way.”

Alexis: “While on the highway driving to Arkansas with my family, our gas line broke and the van died.  We all had to jump out of the rolling car and start to push it running as cars passed by. Imagine Little Miss Sunshine-style with my two sisters, mom, dad, my 71 year old papaw. We had to sit at this podunk little gas station for two hours trying to figure out a way to fix it.”

Malchus: He probably has far too many road trip stories! He’s currently driving our Class Trip bus and has spent years driving for a variety of different projects.

Photos by Nick Fay



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