We like to read, McSweeney’s publishes things to read. We’ve got a good thing going.

(A brief intro to McSweeney’s: their creative output is varied and excellent. Do a deep dive into their site to see what all they’re up to [it’s a lot], but Quarterly Concern, their McMullens children’s books, and The Believer magazine are always A+ reads. Not to mention, 826NYC, their nonprofit organization that encourages writing skills in young kids, is a favorite of ours too.)


The Organist producer Jenna Weiss-Berman, host Andrew Leland, and executive producer Ross Simonini

Last Tuesday, we capped off a season-long celebration of our friends with an evening at our Greene Street store. This time, after previously partying in honor of the Quarterly, McMullens, and The Believer, we gathered in the name of The Organist, a podcast in conjunction with the magazine.


It was a night of drinks, glasses, and appropriately, organ music—from their friend, Barry, a talented musician who moonlights in Jah Division, a reggae Joy Division cover band. (!!!)


Guests listened to The Organist’s year in highlights on mini-iPads set up around the store and were treated to a snippet of the podcast’s 2013 grand finale: Lena Dunham and Judy Blume in conversation. (Here we learned that as a kid, Judy used to make up book reports on fake books. That seems like a Fudge Hatcher move if we ever heard one.)

Thanks to all who came out, and of course, to our friends at McSweeney’s.

Stay tuned for more fun events. Our Twitter and Facebook have all the updates.

Photos by Elizabeth Crawford

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