Tis the shopping season, and aren’t you in luck: you barely have to do a thing!


Warby Parker gift cards are here, and we’ve got a couple of options on the table.

If you’d like to buy a physical gift card for your loved one, we’ll send them a bonus Make-a-Snowman kit containing all the ingredients for building a frozen friend. Also, who doesn’t love unwrapping a gift? (If your friend lives in a non-snowy climate, don’t worry: we’ve provided snow-free alternative activities.)


You can also choose to send an e-gift card. Just pick a date, and we’ll email your recipient that day. It’s the Best Email Ever.

Both gift card options are available in $95, $150, or $195.

Well, now that your gift-giving is taken care of, here’s what you can do with all that extra time:

-Perfect your triple toe loop.

-Train for the upcoming Feats of Strength. May you not be the head of your household.

-Catch up on a nice, dense book or go semi-Jack Torrance.

-Make a gingerbread house in the spirit of Gaudí’s Catalan Modernism.  (No pressure to finish.)


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