TO SEE · 10/31/2014

We Love Halloween

No disrespect to other holidays, but we sure do have a thing for Halloween around here. And this was put on full display last night at our company outing, which took place at a monster-sized warehouse in Brooklyn.


The location was kept secret to all employees beforehand, so we were collectively surprised to walk into a surreal childhood fantasy Halloween dream party, filled with taco and pretzel stands, arcade games (with an endless supply of quarters!), black lights, ping pong tables, roller skates, and dance floors. Really, what else could you ask for? Seriously. Anything?

The costumes were just as impressive. Notable ensembles included Pitbull, Jared Leto (two ways), Shakespeare’s Puck (a nod to our office), Warby ParkAir flight attendants, Home Try-On box, Bob Ross, and Gluteneous Maximus (see below).









Photos by Marielle Sales

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