Doctor your tea and blast the heat—it’s time to curl up with a warm pair of socks, a well-positioned lamp, and this little reading list. You’ll never have to leave your blanket fort.

Where Mail With Illegible Addresses Goes to Be Read
Ron Nixon • The New York Times • May 2013
“The best letters, Ms. Jenkins said, are those addressed to Santa Claus. They come in without an address and are sent to a processing center in Alaska, where volunteers answer them.”

My Misspent Youth
Meghan Daum • The New Yorker • Oct 1999
On a young adulthood spent in pre-war apartments and solving Manhattan-accumulated debt that ensued.

The Frozen Ladder
Julia Grønnevet • n+1 • Nov 2010
A Norwegian travels to Alaska mid-winter to try her hand at fishing.

Pixies, Sheilas, Dirtbags and Cougar Bait: Modern Slang
Caleb Crain • The Nation • Dec 2008
Stone the Crows, the second edition of Oxford University Press’s dictionary of modern slang, is eccentric and risqué, like a well-read, intermittently potty-mouthed uncle.”

On Gruck
Sadie Stein • The Paris Review • Apr 2012
One writer’s aversion to everything troll-like— the simultaneously funny, grotesque, and cute.

The Comfort Zone
Jonathan Franzen • The New Yorker • Nov 2004
“Like most of the nation’s ten-year-olds, I had an intense, private relationship with Snoopy, the cartoon beagle.”

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