The implication of Fame, in this value-warped society, is: You’ve made it. You and your grand talents are so bright, you are somehow, both physically and spiritually light-years beyond all us bone-sucking hacks. I yowl in disgust at this bias.

Reading anything by Cintra Wilson is a reliable choice whenever you want to feel as if you’re the dullest person in the room.

Wilson’s Critical Shopper articles in the New York Times contain some choice observations, and whenever we want another taste of her astounding powers of smart smack-talking, we turn again to A Massive Swelling, her analysis of all things relating to fame.

A-Listers and strivers alike are fair game for Wilson’s intelligent eviscerations, and after a thorough read, we guarantee you’ll hold a different perspective on tabloid culture.

Thanks to our friends at Flat Vernacular for the excellent backdrops behind these titles.

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