You’ve survived 11 meetings today, one very clammy commute, and a long list of corporate indignities.

“Well-rested” is an elusive adjective, but heck if you’re not going to succeed at napping, silencing email notifications, and other idle pursuits this weekend. You are, after all, a Consummate Professional.

Here’s what’s on the agenda: Hot chocolate. Catching up on correspondence. Searching eBay for a leopard-skin pill-box hat.


Marva in Cobalt Leaf

Our newest color is inspired by a little item discovered by our collaborator, Leith Clark: a set of vintage tumblers imprinted with blue leaves. It’s a lovely pattern, just the right ratio of crystal-clear base to colorful foliage.

Pairs quite nicely with leopard-skin.

Shop the entire collaboration.

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