On Monday evening we christened our Leith Clark collaboration with a cozy candlelit dinner at our Washington Street store. It was the first formal celebration in our meatpacking district space and the evening set a pretty precedent for future get-togethers: silver tapers, bunches of roses, ranunculi, and peonies from florist Amy Merrick, and our new frames from the collaboration.


Leith, Zoe Kazan, and our cofounders Neil and Dave brought together an intimate crowd of pals over cocktails and a feast from The Smile (beet-cured salmon, anyone? Or a peanut butter and jelly cookie?). DJ and friend-of-Leith Tennessee Thomas shared her danceable playlist of 60s songs—The Beatles and Smokey Robinson included—a more than suitable mix for celebrating Leith’s vintage-inspired collection.


The attendees were a sharp-dressed crew that included Luella Bartley, Harley Viera-Newton, Derek Blasberg, Sloane Crosley, and photographer Pamela Hanson (who shot Zoe in our frames). Guests hopped seats to catch up after the holiday weekend and played dress-up with the frames.

HThomson20131202-1224Neil, Leith, Dave, and Zoe




Photos by Hannah Thomson

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