San Francisco-based Pop-Up Magazine brings the traditional experience of flipping through a magazine to the stage. It’s a magazine in performance—an issue includes live readings, performances and music in a completely undocumented setting. The creative forces behind the production are Lauren Smith and Derek Fagerstrom, a duo we’ve heard many times referred to as a “power couple.”

And they are that, but without the ego. They’re the type of pair that you’d like spend an afternoon with over lunch, have as your city guides within San Francisco and have as creative mentors.

After recently closing their small Mission store, The Curiosity Shoppe, they’ve dedicated all of their time to Pop-Up Magazine.

We met the two at the Mechanic’s Institute Library—an old, multi-story building hidden amidst the hustle and bustle of downtown San Francisco. It has an incredible spiral staircase, a member’s only chess club and, of course, rows and rows of books. The library is where they come for brainstorming and writing. “It’s quiet, comfortable, and endlessly inspiring,” Derek explained to us, “They have every book and magazine we could ever dream of.”

The next issue of Pop-Up will be performed next week and will be based upon Beck’s Song Reader, with a performance by Beck himself included.

Needless to say, tickets sold out in a matter of hours and we’re quite disappointed that we’ll have left the Bay Area. To anyone who attends: please report back!

Lauren is wearing the Clyde in Blue Marblewood and Derek is wearing the Sinclair in Greystone.

Photos by Nick Fay

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