Kate Miss is a longtime Warby Parker wearer, and we don’t say that lightly. Back in February of 2010 she posted about our launch, and ordered a pair of Fillmore frames soon afterwards. Needless to say, we’ve been following her work at For Me, For You for quite some time!  We spent an afternoon at her apartment in LA to meet the lady behind the blog (and much, much more).

“I am one of those obnoxious creative types with a lot of slashes in my ‘job title,'” Kate explained to us. She’s currently splitting her time between being a graphic designer, jewelry designer and photographer. “It’s partially because I get bored easily and like the flexibility to step away from my computer to do other things,” she said of her work. As a freelancer, she also has the flexibility to change her focus if one aspect of her business is demanding more time than another.

Her most recently jewelry collection just launched today, and features bronze geometric shapes that she fires in a small kiln. Each piece feels organic but still polished. “I think that moving to LA has really inspired an aesthetic evolution for my jewelry,” Kate said. “I’m really inspired by the landscape, especially the desert.”

She’s often taking drives to Phoenix to visit her fiancé’s family, and picks up pieces that make their way into the little nooks of her apartment. There are a few small pockets in her apartment that are full of treasures—a collection of succulents in the dining area, books piled high off of the living room and a fireplace mantle with prints and stones.

Kate has been in LA for the past couple of years now, and couldn’t be happier about it. “I feel more energized and inspired than I’ve ever felt, and it’s largely because of the inspiring people doing really cool things I cross paths with, and not to mention this dang sunshine. The sunshine and plant life pretty much gets me out of bed a happy camper nearly every day,” she told us.

Kate is wearing the Edgeworth in Striped Sassafras, in both optical and sun.

Photos by Collin Hughes


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