Jerry Saltz is a man of many talents. He’s the senior art critic at New York magazine, where he profiles Damien Hirst, considers Cindy Sherman and writes definitive takedowns of Banksy. He is the proprietor of one of the funniest (and most NSFW! You’ve been warned!) Instagram accounts currently in operation. He had a cameo role on Girls. 

Before he was at New York magazine, he wrote art criticism for the Village Voice, and a selection of his greatest columns is collected in a book called Seeing Out Loud, which we are proud to carry in our retail stores. Published by independent press The Figures, Seeing Out Loud is a precise and nuanced snapshot of the art world at a certain point in time. It is as riotous at the cover suggests.

Swing by one of our stores and pick up a copy. Your brain will rejoice.


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