Never having been to Atlanta before, our team arrived and wasn’t sure where to begin. There seemed to be an endless number of places to eat and drink, visit and shop. Thankfully, we discovered Bearings, a perfectly curated guide to the south, with a specific Atlanta edition. Jeremy Blume, one of the founders, gave us a personal tour of the West Provisions District before our party at the Goat Farm. 

Although designed to cater to the “southern gentleman,” we found that the guide is just as useful for women. It reminds us of one of our favorite New York dining guides, Immaculate Infatuation—the guys behind both sites sort through all of the options for their readers, and provide a limited number of only the best recommendations. As Jeremy described it, Bearings focuses on, “highlighting and celebrating artisans that are making life more interesting and  enriching and encourage men to engage culture and be more intentional and thoughtful with their lives – what they buy and how they live.”

We met Jeremy for coffee at Star Provisions, a speciality shop with numerous different parts to it—a meat and cheese section, sandwich counter and bakery. You can also pick up home goods and packaged ingredients from one of the many displays. It’s the perfect one stop shop for prepping for a dinner party.

And speaking of dinner parties, one would not be complete without a good bottle of wine. We took the scenic route over the bridge above the railroad tracks to Perrine’s wine shop. The space is warm and intimate, and the owner, Perrine, is always available to help you select a bottle to best suit your tastes.


We left with a bottle of Pinot Noir in hand, and made our way over to Sid Mashburn, a store than numerous people had recommended to us over the past week. Aside from carrying an amazing selection of menswear, the shop was just a nice place to hang out. The entire staff, including Sid, was incredibly welcoming and hospitable. Hopefully they’ll all be sporting some Warby Parker frames after a visit to the bus!

Jeremy described Atlanta as a city that makes you earn it’s love—it takes time and dedication to discover neighborhoods like the Westside Provisions District, and really immerse yourself in them. Since we’re a bit short on time here, we were thankful to have Jeremy show us the ropes!

Jeremy is wearing the Aldous in Matte Black.

The bus is in Atlanta through December 23rd—we’d love for you to stop by while we’re still here

Photos by Collin Hughes


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