We’re VERY pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with artist Jason Polan on a collection of limited-edition items to be sold alongside his latest book, Every Person in New York. This delightful smattering of objects—each adorned with original artwork by Jason—includes a baseball cap ($44, made by Ebbets Field Flannels), a tote bag ($20), a coffee mug ($5), a Warby Marker ($2), a pizza cheeseburger-shaped cookie ($10), and a collection of lens cloths ($5). (All the essentials.)

Where to find the goods: Warby Parker New York City retail locations.

BONUS: To celebrate our collaboration with Jason, we’re kicking off a contest. Using Instagram, post a photo of something that makes you happy and include the hashtags #warbyxpolan and #contest. Five winners will be selected to have their images turned into original artwork by Jason! For rules and more on our collaboration click here.

DOUBLE BONUS: Jason Polan graciously agreed to answer ten personal questions.

Best spot to draw people in New York City: Museum of Modern Art

Weirdest celebrity spotting (and drawing): I drew Donald Trump when I was on my way to Burger King a few years ago (and although that is maybe not the weirdest celebrity spotting, I want to mention it here [and everywhere] so that it will have a better chance of getting to him at which point he will decide to use it as his campaign logo [the drawing is terrible]).

Cheeseburger or pizza: “or”!?!

Favorite baseball team: Detroit Tigers

Favorite museum: Museum of Modern Art (I also love The Henry Ford Museum in Michigan and The Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles and The Exploratorium in San Francisco.)

Favorite subway line: 6

Finest Taco Bell in the USA: Pacifica, California

Number of times a pen has burst in your pocket: Probably about 5. The ones I use now have a little airplane on the package telling the customer they are airplane safe!

Number of tie-dye shirts in your closet: 4 shirts (three pairs of socks)

Rough count of New York City residents yet to be drawn: 8.3 million

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