“Washington doesn’t have a signature grape, so we’re not pigeonholed,” wine writer Jameson Fink explained to us. While other regions have one type of wine they’re specifically known for, like Cabernet in Napa Valley, anything goes in Washington. “I guess you could say the glass is half full,” he said.Since they’re west of the Rocky Mountains in Washington, the state sees a variety of weather, effecting the growing season—they often have warmer days and cooler nights than other vineyard-filled states.

“There’s a spirit of experimentation here, since people are still trying to figure out where certain grapes work best,” Jameson explained to us.

To explain further, Jameson pulled a couple of different bottles from the Bottle House stock for us.

Whidbey Island Winery: from a vineyard just a ferry ride away from downtown Seattle, this white wine blends two obscure grapes. The mix creates a wine that’s light with a touch of sweetness. “It’s as local as you can get,” Jameson told us. As for pairing, use the wine to steam some mussels, then sip it alongside the dish.

Syncline Rosé: “It’s one of the most highly regarded vineyards in the state.” This wine is very dry, and appeals to folks looking for a classic French rose. Jameson thinks rose can be enjoyed year round, but especially during warmer months when served outside (and during brunch). Sounds like all of our favorite things.

Kerloo Cellars Majestic: This wine is a blend of three different grapes. It’s a classic, Southern grown style from an up and coming winery.

And if he’s not sticking with local varieties, Jameson’s a big fan of European wines. You’ll find him sampling them and serving them at Bottle House. Aside from an amazing selection of wines, and seven to eight on tap, they have a cheese and charcuterie program that shouldn’t be missed. When you select your wine, their in-house cheese monger will make note of what you’re drinking and customize your food selection accordingly.

Jameson is wearing the Beckett in Striped Chestnut

Photos by Collin Hughes


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