In honor of our 7th birthday, we’re giving away a free scratch-off game called GLASSES FOR LIFE this Friday. It’s exactly what it sounds like: anyone who plays the game gets the chance to win glasses (or sunglasses) for the rest of their life.  Why? Because scratch-off games are fun, and we love fun.

Scratch-off games are available on request for one day only, this Friday, February 17 Request a scratch-off game at one of our stores, or enter your details online (also on Friday) and we’ll mail you one. One per customer—gotta keep it fair! (Here are all the rules and regulations.)

Why are we doing this? A few reasons:

-Because seven is a lucky number.

-Because we want to share the fun with y’all.

-Because we only turn seven once.

-Because office parties are cool (pizza, etc.) but nationwide games of chance are downright THRILLING.

Insane? Yes. Fun? Also yes. Play on! (Just, maybe set a reminder first. Don’t forget!) Follow us on Instagram for updates.

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