Our office is a little laboratory of experimentation, and sometimes the experimentation leads to real-life projects. When a few members of our creative team started cranking out zines, we thought: maybe we could turn these into actual books? Like—small, clever, morsels that our customers could flip through when they stop by our stores. Yeah. That could be fun.

Fast forward a month and we’re publishing our first book, called Good Luck Omens for the Modern Era. Here’s the idea: human history is filled with superstition. Walking under a ladder, opening an umbrella indoors, crossing the path of a black cat…all of these things are supposed to signal bad luck in your future. But where are all the good omens? And why are the bad omens so old-fashioned?

Our book offers a NEW guide to omens, all updated specifically for the 21st century. We’ve also made them all good omens, because nobody needs bad luck these days. A few examples:

With this sucker in your back pocket, you’ll rack up more good fortune than you know what to do with.

A free copy of the book comes with every physical Warby Parker gift card ordered. Because nothing says “we love you” like “FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE!”

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