“It’s a summer day, / and I want to be wanted more than anything else in the world.” —Frank O’Hara

Our Summer Collection is here! When we first started thinking about this collection, a few images came to mind: Jackson Pollock splatter-painting outdoors, Norman Mailer brawling on an overgrown lawn, Lee Radziwill sunning herself silly on an East Hampton beach. A vision of mid-century bohemia and weekend-long house parties inspired the collection.


Baxter eyeglasses in Catalina Blue


Chandler eyeglasses in Pinot Noir

The result is a shindig’s worth of frames (with four shapes making their grand debut). Each frame offers an arty twist on a basic design, and all are easy to wear—ideal for a summer of shoeless days and Mesquite-scented nights.


Boyd sunglasses in Marbled Charcoal

You’ll be surprised by how much your badminton game improves when you obliterate the glare (ditto your hangover).

Featured above: Watts eyeglasses in Blue Sapphire

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