Screaming on the Cyclone, lazing on the sand, and sprinting through the nearest open fire hydrant top our very casual agenda this summer.

We daydreamed about our own adventures—searing brain freezes, sky-high cutoffs, and that open-window sensation of peeling out of a hot car seat—for our new selection of eyewear, the Ocean Avenue Collection.


Each of the custom acetate frames are throw-’em-on-and-go, with new tasty hues like Ginger Lemonade, Orange Fizz, and Chocolate Soda. They pair perfectly with your blisters-be-damned sandals and a healthy slather of SPF 50.


Percey in Cream Soda


Roosevelt in Chocolate Soda


Jasper in Orange Fizz


Jules in Ginger Lemonade

imageWheeler in Chocolate Soda

When school’s out, responsibility takes off until further notice, and we wanted to commemorate the similar lawlessness of a bygone summer with a film of our own. Chrissie Miller teamed up with director Cass Bird and stylist Turner to stage a beachside scuffle in the form of a dance-off, Warby Parker-style.

The setting? Coney Island, of course.

Watch now:

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Photos by Nate Poekert

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