The 1922 Collection is for the night owls and good-time kids. 1922 was a very good year—maybe not for the legal liquor industry, but for most everything else. James Joyce published Ulysses; T.S. Eliot published The Wasteland. Eugene O’Neill won a Pulitzer. Louis Armstrong moved to Chicago, and the dances were a hoot.


Porter sunglasses in Gimlet Tortoise

Our latest limited edition frames feature dramatic details in our signature custom acetate and stainless steel. They go as well with pearls as they do with your best Tin Pan Alley moves. So hop in the jalopy, and let’s go for a drive. Living well is the best revenge.



Duke eyeglasses in Gold


Joplin sunglasses in Silver

Featured above: Porter sunglasses in Whiskey Tortoise, Porter eyeglasses in Gimlet Tortoise. Shop the entire 1922 Collection here.

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