Every month, we’re tagged in bundles of adorable/cute/clever/well-shot photos on Instagram. Here’s a roundup of our favorites. Enjoy!

12446208_1530223817306536_229747873_n @jade_melissa     Shop Ripley>

12552472_437787206411400_154340438_n @boxed_wine     Shop Chelsea>


12599341_1649860531933747_243943680_n @derekforehand     Shop Otis>

12717145_774894192614496_1515844893_n @ashleyelladesign     Shop Burke>

12729516_551513978357990_1045788165_n @nikki_crouse     Shop Percey>

12747790_1694430727437924_272378774_n@damonshuler     Shop Nash>

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