TO BUY · 11/17/2015

It’s button time!

Button, button, who’s got the button? We do! We made a bunch for the holidays and, as you’ll see below, we are putting them on everyone and everything—starting now (as in today). They’re crazy-fun and even better, they’re included in every Warby Parker physical gift card purchase this holiday season.

Place your gift card order online—you can also buy at our stores as well—and we’ll ship the gift card and buttons right over to your recipient if you like. (Want one too? Sure you do.)

If you prefer to brighten a loved one’s inbox instead, we offer e-gift cards as well. Pick a denomination, and we’ll email your recipient on whichever day you choose. Buttons aren’t included with e-gift cards—because we haven’t figure out how to send buttons through the Internet.

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