TO MEET · 09/11/2013

Heritage Bicycles

“The concept of Heritage came from interacting with people outside of a retail environment, from meeting interesting and creative people,” owner Michael Salvatore explained to us. After a stint in New York establishing Bowery Lane Bicycles, the fifth generation Chicagoan returned to his hometown to open a two-in-one bike and coffee shop. Above all, it’s a community building space.

“It’s wild to see how many different people are coming in,” Michael told us. “We have our neighborhood families and people across the globe who consider it a destination space. There are creatives taking pictures and hanging out, and accountants who need an office for the day.”

“Everyone comes in and everyone is welcomed,” he explained. Ultimately, he wants to maintain a mom and pop shop vibe—he wants the shop to be approachable, transparent and honest.

Not familiar with bikes or coffee? No problem.

They’ll tell you all about their Stumptown brews and hand-welded metal frames—if you just want a quick tune-up or basic cup of coffee, that’s perfectly fine too.

In keeping with the family feel, Michael will be soon opening a Heritage Littles shop. They’re just offering a handful a products at this point, including the Bennett Balance Bike named after their son. You even have the option of adding a Brooks leather seat to the wooden frame—only the best for the family.

Michael is wearing the Bensen in Greystone

Photos by Collin Hughes


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