Oh, like we’re not going to celebrate it?

We didn’t plan a full-blown jubilee but we’re celebrating the holiday in our own colorful way (or 24 ways, if you’re counting) with a pretty little illustration. This will be tacked up above all our desks soon enough.

Madison in Rum CherryHaskell in Woodgrain Tortoise, Boyd in Marbled Sandstone, Everett in Midnight Blue, Neville in Redwood Ash, Felton in Striped Maple, Crossfield in Polished Gold, Everett in Marine Slate, Hall in Cherry Blossom, Cliff in Woodgrain Tortoise, Piper in Woodland Tortoise, Preston in Blue Marblewood Marcel in Plum Marblewood, Marcel in Aurora, Reilly in Marzipan Tortoise, Banks in Sea Smoke Tortoise, Raglan in Pearled Tortoise, Griffin in Blonde Marblewood, Quimby in Absinthe, Paley in Blue Marblewood, Thatcher in Greystone, Aldous in English Oak, Edgeworth in Sage, Greenwich in Pearl

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