No need to lose your sight on Halloween night or mess with crazy colored contacts. We’ve spent years thinking up (and throwing on) costumes that let us keep our glasses on. Please enjoy this this highlight reel/rich trove of NON-PROPRIETARY inspiration from the Warby Parker office party archives:


Left: Iconically dour American farmhouse couple (wearing Milton in Jet Silver)
Right: Hip-thrusting rock ‘n’ roll legend (wearing York in Jet Silver)


Left: Amateur corpse re-animator (wearing Percey in Crystal)
Right: Friendly neighborhood aardvark (wearing Begley in Cedar Tortoise)


Left: Animated widower with heart of gold (wearing Roosevelt in Jet Black Matte)
Right: Your middle-school yearbook photo (wearing Dahl in English Oak)


Left: Notorious Supreme Court justice (wearing Lilia in Polished Gold)
Right: Hairy distant relative (wearing Phipps in Charcoal Grey)


Left: Boy wizard with striking forehead scar (wearing Abbott in Heritage Bronze)
Right: ????? (wearing the Colonel Monocle in Whiskey Tortoise)