This month marks our fifth birthday. We’re not quite old enough to start lying about our age, and you only turn five once—so we threw a parade, as one does. (We’re also doing a little something more over here.)

One afternoon last week, our company headed to Cortlandt Alley, a very cozy (if you recall) side street downtown with all the necessary parade accoutrements in hand: cotton candy, balloons, rose petals, flags, enthusiasm.

You can catch the whole affair, directed by Benny Safdie and Josh Safdie, here.

Below, a few behind-the-scenes shot we’re delighted to share. We had a lot of fun, in case you couldn’t tell.


select-136-PRGOur fearless leaders Neil and Dave taking their positions

select-125_MKA talented cutester from the marching band getting revved up


select-162-PRGWhat smiles! (And we hadn’t even tucked into the enormous birthday cakes waiting for us after the parade.)

select-215-PRGThat’s the actual Miss New York twirling the batons trailing behind the show-stopping ballet dancers and a lot of rose petals

Photos by Daniel Arnold

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