TO MEET · 08/30/2013

Greenwich Vintage

Classic footwear with a contemporary twist (with almost the feel of sneakers) is what you’ll find from Greenwich Vintage.

“From a stylistic perspective, classic American brands, such as Pendleton, Filson, Florsheim, Allen Edmonds and Red Wing, are very popular here,” co-founder Max Miller explained to us of Minneapolis, “On the flip side, this is quite a culturally progressive city.”

“Greenwich Vintage, its products and its style combines these two qualities. We match classic concepts and old-school hard work with forward looking designs,” he said.

They source a variety of vintage shoes and in co-founder Tamas “Zen” Pomazi’s basement they’re fitted with hand-poured, brightly colored soles. Before starting Greenwich Vintage, Zen was known as Zen-One. He was an artist known for graffiti, large murals and private pieces for clients. “In addition to his art, Zen used to customize sneakers for exclusive customers, notably Jordans, Air Force Ones, Vans, as well as various other types of skateboard shoes,” Max explained to us.

One of their favorite shoe and sole combinations? A classic style (often in brown leather) paired with baby blue soles.

“I love how versatile they are,” Max explained, “Simply, they are cool around town during the day and a statement piece to your outfit at night.”

Photos by Collin Hughes



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