Knitting: it’s not just for grandmas anymore. Increasingly, we’ve been catching our friends tangled up in yarn and practicing their purls.

Since launching in 2008, Swiss brand Wool and the Gang have pumped out one sick project after the next. They sell both ready-made garments and kits to knit your own wearable fiber art. From classic scarves (beginners, raise your hands!) to crop tops (hiCoachella), the irreverently fashionable enthusiasts have us clicking our jumbo-sized beginner’s needles.

Peddling their clever kits and Peruvian threads, the yarn-obsessed group set up shop at our Annex from March 18-24. Click here for more photos.


Frames pictured above: (top) Percey eyeglasses in Striped Sassafras, (middle, L-R) Duckworth in Revolver Black MattePercey eyeglasses in Striped SassafrasFillmore eyeglasses in Tennessee Whiskey, (bottom) Preston eyeglasses in Sandalwood Matte. Photos by Melissa Murphy.

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