When we heard that Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q would be providing appetizers at our launch party, we knew we’d also have to stop in to the restaurant for a sit down meal. The restaurant, started by Jonathan and Justin Fox, is considered to serve the best barbecue in Atlanta. 

We first had to ask them, why barbecue? As Texas natives, they arrived in Atlanta longing for the flavors that reminded them of home—a barbecue meal with an emphasis on pork and beef, with a complex sauce both smoky, savory and slightly sweet.

They didn’t set out to open a restaurant, though. Previously, they had just enjoyed throwing backyard dinner parties for their friends and had no formal cooking experience. After one especially large gathering in September of 2001, they started receiving catering requests. By 2005, it became a full-time catering operation, which still takes up a great  amount of their time.

We visited them there for lunch, and feasted on barbecue chicken, beef brisket, ribs and wings. All left us feeling full and happy, and knowing that we’d be craving more over the rest of our stay in Atlanta.

The brothers are wearing the Welles in Brushed Ink and the Rafferty in Revolver Black.

The bus is in Atlanta through December 23rd—we’d love for you to stop by while we’re still here

Photos by Collin Hughes




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