One thing all Warby Parker employees have in common is a love of literature. For Halloween, we all came up with our own five-word ghost stories. Below is a selection, accompanied by artwork from our in-house illustrator Or Gotham.

Ghosts finished the cold brew.
Didn’t know it was gluten.
I was never a baby.
I can feel it watching
Oh God, the elevator’s broken.
That time Emily got hangry.
Believing in ghosts is cool.
What’s that under my bed?
Help, I can’t feel my…
I’m scared of the dark.
Roommate? What roommate? (Evil laughter…)
What’s really underneath my bed?
Take anything but my glasses!!!
Werewolf bar mitzvah, spooky scary.
Sorry, no more Bagel Wednesdays.
I blinked. Mannequin was closer.
Trolls escaped from the dungeon.
Grandma and Grandpa are back.
Zombae, Zombae, Zombae ay ay.
Ghostly shadows creep under tunnels.
Scarecrow mask in the bush.
Bitten by a toothless ghost.
That’s a scary mask, bro.
You made me boo(!) everywhere.
Oh my gosh, please advise.
It’s decorative gourd season, kids.
Don’t turn the lights out…
Never stop eating spicy pumpkins.
Spooky skeleton DJs all night.
My Life As a Pop-Tart.
Deli, 11:30, no more breakfast.
Finger wet, can’t unlock iPhone.
Spirits howled in the wind.
Shower songs that everyone hears…
The pizza was already eaten!
This hostel got five stars!
New poke notification from grandma.
Gray silhouettes choreograph eerie dances.
Stumbling upon an unexpected grave.
Gray silhouettes choreograph wistful waltzes.
I ran out of pizza.
Your dolls talk at night.
Bright flash! He disappeared! Where?
I ate too much candy.
How spooky is your oatmeal? 
Touched by an angel? Nope.
This ghost knows no boundaries.
Casper, the weirdly friendly ghost.
He heard a loud SNIP.
Whose teeth marks are those?
Does anyone else smell sulfur?
Stranger standing outside penthouse window.
“This isn’t your captain speaking.”
The sun gets bigger everyday.
Reoccurring falling dream comes true.
Attention: books have stopped working.
Radio stations playing Mozart backwards.
Roller coaster never actually stops.
The wallpaper finally talks back.
Integrated Brand Process Circle Back.
Domino’s online ordering is down.
Something moved under my bed.
The room just got colder.
Never make cat eye contact.
Netsuite netsuite, netsuite netsuite netsuite.
Please. Don’t open that door.
The basement is always haunted.
Let a sleeping vampire lie.
Pumpkin gobbled trick or treaters.
Hey gang, let’s split up!
Oh God. Where am I?
It rose from the dark.brooklyn-eagle-20151026101519Apparitions and superstitions: that’s Halloween.
Coffee plants have become extinct.
Catfished on a Tinder date.
Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.
Heard crying. Problem? No baby.
Zombie Gator on the Loose!
Night of the Swamp Creature.
I woke to starring eyes.
What is that, over th…
Thrills, chills, and October bills.
The floor creaked. I ran.

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