The introduction of eReaders resulted in an understandable amount of backlash from traditional book fans. An e-book wouldn’t feel like a book or smell like a book, and the experience of page turning would be lost. Before the iPad was launched, founders of DODO Case were absorbing this feedback and thinking about how to act upon it and change the perception of the latest technology.

How could they make Apple’s newest product feel like a book? By sticking it inside a case created using traditional book binding techniques.

They began researching the history of printing and book binding and found a few pockets of expertise within San Francisco. They quickly crafted prototypes, built a website, printed flyers and set up outside of the Apple store on the iPad launch day. “We wanted to take advantage of a unique marketing opportunity,” founder Patrick Buckley told us.

It just so happened that a writer from Engadget was in that line outside, and DODO Case had a write-up within days. With press picking up, their orders spiked from 5 per day to up to 800 per day.

Now, DODO Case offers their original book bound cases, plus the option to customize your own. Over 30% of their orders that come through the website are for personalized cases. “It involves customers in the design process,” Patrick explained.

With options for patterned interior lines, outside colors and embossing, customers are able to craft millions of different combinations. Whichever options, they choose, they’ll receive a case crafted right in the DODO headquarters in San Francisco. The case goes through every step of the process in their Dogpatch warehouse.

Plus, like us, DODO Case has taken their designs to the road! If you’re in San Francisco, keep an eye out for their Mobile Craft Workshop that allows you to customize a case right on the spot.

Patrick is wearing the Roosevelt in Striped Chestnut.

Photos by Collin Hughes

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