A desk can tell you a lot about a person, and these are the stories of our favorites. (Desks, that is. And also people.) 

Selin Olmsted, Eyewear Designer


Frame samples

“I don’t think there is a single day of the year when there aren’t samples on my desk. We work with the same frames for two to three weeks, and then new samples magically appear!

“Some days of the month, there are so many frames and sketch print-outs here, I don’t see the table itself.”



“We do over 50-60 sketches per season for a core collection. They are everywhere: on the table, in the archive binders, on the boards—I’m surrounded by them. Help!”


Millimeter ruler

“Other than the computer, this is the single most important tool on my desk. Without it, I can’t sketch, measure, or review. It’s a tiny fellow, so it frequently gets lost under piles of paper—but somehow it shows up at the end of the day.”

Yellow clips

“I love them. They are happy and energetic—and I enjoy seeing them any time of the day.”


Brazilian Agate Coasters

“Since this wooden table has no finish to protect it, any glass we put on it leaves a mark—these are a staple in our design corner.

“Being designers, there was a lot of back and forth on which ones to go with, but we decided on the Brazilian Agate Coasters. We got them from The Evolution Store (our SoHo neighbors). I’m so in love with the look of them that I recently thought about using their patterns as inspiration for a new color.”


Photos by Kelsey Rose

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