A desk can tell you a lot about a person, and these are the stories of our favorites. (Desks, that is. And also people.) 

Meghan Godin, UX Analyst


Ginger Altoids

“I just really like ginger… and this kind isn’t insanely strong. I highly recommend trying them.”

Beck Frames

“I love my Beck x Warby Parker Carmichael sunnies. Did you notice the lenses are blue?”


 Ping pong paddle

“I frequent Spin NYC in Chelsea a lot, and we also play ping pong quite a bit at the office, too. (It clears the brain!) Because of my borderline obsession with the fine game, I always keep a paddle near me.”


Stone fruit planter

“I initially bought this as a Christmas gift for my younger sister. But when I brought it out of the tissue paper, I realized I actually really love it—not to mention, the color perfectly matches the color of my room (which makes me think I subconsciously always intended on keeping it). I ended up buying my sister a great gift from Etsy. Win-win!”



“To be honest, I have no intention of reading these books. They are solely there for aesthetic purposes and to make my plant the most prominent thing on my desk. Secret’s out!”


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