A desk can tell you a lot about a person, and these are the stories of our favorites. (Desks, that is. And also people.) 

Daniel O’Heney, Customer Experience Training Supervisor


Check list

“I’m a pretty simple guy, so this is just a personal reminder of what I need to get done today…and tomorrow.”


Presidential quotes

“A little bit of everyday inspiration from our country’s leaders goes a long way for me. William McKinley has a mountain named after him, what more do I need?”


Vacation Pic

“Dolce Vita had a Caribbean party back when we shared the fifth floor of our office with them. There were lots of people taking goofy pictures in front of the mural. We went serious.”


Old banana

“Yeah…I was going to eat that.”


Dead plant

“Nothing makes me feel more alive than a dying Paperwhite. Does this mean I’m not ready for a dog?”


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