New city, new team! We have a couple of Class Trip veterans on this leg of the trip, and two new members. They’ll all be in Denver through the duration of our stay, so swing by the bus to get to know them! But before you do, a few fun facts about each of them…

Jamie, our Class Trip Coordinator who has been on the road since San Francisco, is still continuing her journey on the trip! As someone who didn’t ride the bus as a kid, she told us, “I feel like I’m more than making up for it now.” One benefit of this bus: it has a small selection of books, in addition to frames. For days off, she’s borrowing the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test from the shelves.

Darius is also no stranger to life on the road—he joined our team back in Portland. He’s still traveling with a few essential items in his bag: his journal, camera, and favorite film, La Vita e Bella.

Meredith, who is normally based in our New York flagship store, started her travels with the Class Trip in Seattle. On her days off you’ll find her seeking out an amazing breakfast sandwich—fried egg, Pepper Jack cheese, and ham on an everything bagel with Tabasco sauce. She wants the works! Anywhere in particular she should be fulfilling her craving in Denver?

Although she lives in Brooklyn now, Laura’s a Denver native! Our team is looking to her for the hidden gems in the city. She’s already lead the team on their first “14er,” and will be hiking her personal 15th trek next week. Normally, days off in Brooklyn are reserved for journaling, yoga and whiskey with friends (preferably outdoors).

They’ll be in town through August 4th, with the bus at 16th and Wazee. They’d love to meet you!

Photos by Collin Hughes


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