A good frame is all about the shape, don’t you think?

Our new Corner Collection gets its name from our seasonal preoccupation with silhouettes and angles. Think crisp keyhole bridges, sloping browlines, sharp temples, and straight-edged brow bars in a handsome mix of horn-inspired acetate and stainless steel.

One afternoon last month, we took to a semi-secluded back street in downtown Manhattan where we snapped our old friends at Mmuseumm in our new frames.  Just like playing dress-up, but with a crew of curious, smart, inveterate multi-taskers. (Lucky us.)

Mmuseumm’s a small but ingenious collection of artifacts, chockablock with curios not usually found on the field trip circuit (on display now: a selection of papers from First Amendment provocateur Al Goldstein’s estate, censored pool toy packaging found in Saudi Arabia, and a homemade cane used by a Times Square security guard that is capable of killing prey and lighting fires).  You should go, like, right now, if you can swing it.

Before you head over: we got to know one of our subjects a little bit better. Introducing one of the founders, Alex Kalman. He has opinions about pasta and the TSA.

Mmuseumm guysBenny Safdie, Josh Safdie, and Alex Kalman

Favorite NYC street corner: At the moment, Canal and Broadway

Favorite pasta shape: Rigatoni

Least favorite hour of the day: N/A. Every hour is meaningful.

Last book you read: Slaughterhouse-Five

Best field trip from childhood: Pita Factory

Recommend a link for us, any link: The TSA blog

Recommend a YouTube video for us, any YouTube video: This.


Mmuseumm: a modern natural history museum dedicated to the curation and exhibition of contemporary archeology

Location: 4 Cortlandt Alley

Hours: Saturday-Sunday, noon-6:00 p.m. (Suggested donations)

Instagram: @Mmuseumm Twitter: @Mmuseumm

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