We think it’s safe to assume that each day in the ban.do offices is full of fun. Even if there isn’t a confetti cannon going off (which we experienced twice in one visit), there are bright colors and glittering objects everywhere you look. The latest additions to their decor are a few piñatas—they’re huge, fringed and heart-shaped.

The ladies in this amazingly cheerful space are responsible for creating equally bright and sunny objects—girly accessories such as hair clips, headbands, corsages. Really, anything you can wear that adds a bit of spark!

“The company was an accident,” founder Jen Gotch told us. She was previously working as a stylist and crafted a floral halo hairpiece. Coincidentally, a friend of hers had made almost exactly the same thing. Great minds, right?

Soon after deciding to sell the one of a kind objects, they experienced what Jen called a “web firestorm.” The immediate response was overwhelming and they were flooded with orders.

Although they loved the pieces they were making from vintage materials, it was tough to maintain a business creating only one of every object. They changed their thinking to create in larger quantities, selling multiples of every design at an affordable price.

“Ideas are flying fast and furious,” they told us, as they’re working to expand beyond hair accessories. We know we’ll all be in for a treat when the following ladies introduce something new.

The ladies took a few minutes to chat with us about styling ban.do accessories with the Warby Parker frames, and the spots we should visit while visiting their neighborhood, West Hollywood!

Jen Gotch, who describes her style as “clown chic,” wears a flurry pouf with the Neville in Blue Marblewood. As for West Hollywood advice, she suggests that we start with Joan’s on Third for lunch and celebrity sightings and visit Milk for ice cream sandwiches. “And Pressed Juicery for a detox after all of those fancy lunches and ice cream sandwiches.”

Kelly Edmonson pairs a few pom pom flowers with her bold Huxley frames—perfectly fitting with her style that she describes as, “a little bit girly, a little bit edgy and a whole lot of fun.” You can find her at DryBar getting her beauty fix and Vine American Party store, “to feed my confetti addiction.”

Tara Haaz says she’s “ladylike with a side of sparkle.” Upon starting her job as Project Manager at ban.do, she was thrilled to be able to wear sequins during the day without getting any strange looks. She wears a peach organza ban.do flower with the Preston in Bellini from our Summer Crystals collection (which is unfortunately sold out).

Graphic designer Ali LaBelle also wears the Preston, but in Whiskey Tortoise. She pairs her frames with a glittery “Smoke and Mirrors” bobbi pin set—they say a cigarette is only cool “cool in super sparkly bobbi pin form.” Ali says her style is, “Margot Tenenbaum…minus polo, plus pink.”

We’ll be taking some tips from their style choices to add a bit more sparkle and fun into our everyday outfits!

Photos by Collin Hughes


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